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Teaching Kids Online – The Challenges and Solutions

Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors


The traditional way of teaching has never been questioned for its true effectiveness until web-based technology was introduced into classrooms. In the light of COVID 19, many schools have noticed the benefits of teaching kids online and are beginning to incorporate it into their daily school regime.

Challenges of Teaching Kids Online

Maintaining attention during online tutoring, especially with younger children, is challenging. To address this, remove distractions and avoid assigning multiple tasks simultaneously.

Tutors face the challenge of managing time when teaching because students often ask numerous questions. To ensure effective time management during online lessons, tutors need a structured lesson plan. This helps to maximise the number of tasks completed during the lesson. Activities such as custom tests and peer marking are great ways to determine the child’s strengths and weaknesses, which help to structure the child’s lesson based on their learning style.

How Can Technology Help?

With the help of technology and the use of animations and visual aids, kids can now learn content in a variety of fun and interactive ways. This helps to make the child’s learning experience enjoyable whilst also improving their memory retention. Using written notes, online flashcards and quizzes also help to enhance the child’s learning experience. Helping to expand and develop the tutees’ learning styles. 

Tutoring online creates a flexible environment for both tutors and tutees. Online tutors, they can create a schedule whilst working remotely, meaning they can teach comfortably at their desire. For tutees, they can learn in the comfort of their homes which eliminates any distractions faced when in the classroom. You can search for other benefits of online tutoring. Overall, online tuition allows for great adaptability for all parties.

Teaching Kids Online – A Time & Money Saver for Parents, Students and Tutors 

Online tutoring allows parents, students, and tutors to save significantly on their time and money. The child’s education is cheaper without transportation costs, making it more affordable for parents. Virtual lessons mean no travel for tutee or tutor, saving time and money for both. Tutors can book more sessions and teach more students in a given time frame, helping them generate more income.

Tutoring online also allows tutors to expand and connect globally with tutees from all over the world. As a result, tutors become less dependent on location, allowing them to generate even more income.

Online tutoring allows parents to get faster and more direct feedback on their child’s lesson compared to at school, where they would have to wait until parents’ evening. This helps parents to act promptly if there is an issue, enabling the child to learn and improve at a quicker rate compared to at school.

Teaching Kids Online - Child Learning Online
Teaching Kids Online – Pros and Cons of Kids Studying Online

How to Choose the Best Platform for Teaching Kids Online?

Assessing your services helps you to decide the best platform for delivering tuition. With the internet swarmed with various platforms, finding the right and best platform can become a very stressful and time-consuming process. One of the good examples of an online tutoring platform is Edumentors, which allows users to book free trial sessions with tutors before making paid bookings with them. You can search what are other best online tutoring platforms and search for the best tutors for your child. In order to convey sessions, online tutors use various video conferencing tools. Below you can find a short summary of the main video conferencing platforms used by various tutoring companies, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages when using them.



Zoom is a great platform as it allows students to connect from anywhere with great features such as screen sharing, interactive whiteboards and recording lessons. It also provides a live chat feature and allows for easy invites and initiation.


The main disadvantage of using Zoom is that a subscription is needed for lessons over 40 minutes long, therefore, one subscription is not enough. The platform has too many different subscriptions and ads which can be very confusing if you are unfamiliar with the platform.

Google Meet


Google Meets allows you to have up to 100 participants in a video meeting helping to support large online meetings or conferences. It also has desirable features such as screen sharing, integration with Google calendar and Google contacts. Google Meets allows user to stream their meetings on Facebook, enabling them to reach out to more customers and increase their Facebook following. Updates on Google Meets and constant and automatic, making the usage of the platform stress-free.


Google Meets has some limited features that aren’t built into the platform, which can make it tedious to use at times. Users from outside the domain are not allowed and cannot join the meeting. Consistent users of this platform have complained that the platform frequently has browser and connection issues when a participant shares their screen.

Microsoft Teams 


Microsoft Teams allows for the integration of many Office tools in one place. It has great features such as screen sharing and recording of material as well as the availability of helpful bots. There are no additional costs when using this platform for Microsoft users. Additionally, you can add third-party apps or tools to your channel to maximise usage on the platform. Microsoft teams provide a great backup system that saves all your work and files.


A disadvantage of using Microsoft Teams is the lack of notifications it provides. Per the team, there is also a limited number of channels that is available. Microsoft teams have a large storage consumption when unwanted and unused teams and channels are created.

To Sum Up

In summary, teaching online comes with its own challenges; however, the benefits outweigh the setbacks. With the fast-evolving technology industry, teaching online has and will continue to become more straightforward and accessible to children from all over the world, helping to create a sense of community and unity, where all parties involved grow and learn from one another. If you are interested in finding someone experienced to teach your kid online you can do so by visiting Edumentors.co.uk and requesting to talk to educational experts for a free consultation.


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