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Top 9 Digital Skills – Are They That Important?

Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors

Hey there, digital warriors of the future! 🚀 Welcome to an era where digital skills aren’t just snazzy extras but absolute essentials. If you’re a teen or a young adult, there’s never been a more critical time to grasp the vast landscape of digital skills for life. We’re not merely talking about Googling your way out of a jam; we’re talking about stepping into a world bursting with opportunities: coding, social media marketing, data analysis, you name it!

So you might be asking, “Why should I bother with digital skill development?” Allow me to drop some knowledge. We’re part of a digital-first landscape, where tomorrow’s jobs are increasingly tech-focused. Trust me, these skills are not optional; they’re necessary for any career path you choose. Whether you’re aiming to impress your first employer or concocting plans for your own start-up, mastering digital skills for the future is your gateway to success. And here’s the kicker – your journey to polish these skills is what sets you up to be employable and future-ready by skill digital 2023 and even further.

But let’s not overlook the soft skills—like impactful communication and emotional intelligence—that enhance your digital expertise. Far from mere jargon, these skills are the seasoning that makes your digital proficiency truly delectable. In our hyper-connected world, digital communication skills are essential. Be it tweeting, crafting professional emails, or casual DMs to your mates, how you communicate online makes a world of difference in this crowded digital space.

So, strap in! We’re about to embark on a remarkable journey to explore, understand, and excel in the digital skills that will not only shape your career but also enrich your life. 🌟

Digital Skill

Digital Skills Explained

When we talk about digital skills, what we mean is a comprehensive set of capabilities that enable individuals to access, interpret, create, and communicate information using digital tools and platforms. These skills encompass a spectrum of expertise from basic digital literacy, which includes tasks like browsing the internet and using basic software, to more advanced capabilities like coding, data analysis, and digital marketing strategies. You’ve got hard skills like coding and SEO, and you’ve got soft digital skills, like online etiquette and effective emailing. 💡

So what do we mean by 21st-century digital skills? 🤔 Well, that’s essentially the upgraded toolkit you’ll need for the modern world. It’s a mix of technical know-how, like SEO and social media mastery, and soft skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. Curious about what digital skills are in demand? Oh, you’re in for a treat! From artificial intelligence and machine learning to data analytics and user experience design, there’s a plethora of options that are super hot right now! 🔥

Perhaps you’re ready to level up but unsure where to start? No worries, there are plenty of digital skill courses available, both online and offline, catering to different skill levels—from the ‘just curious’ to the ‘future tech guru’. 🎓

So, whether you’re a digital newbie or a savvy teen looking to up your game, this is where the magic happens! 🌟

Children Learn Digital Skills

Why Should You Learn a Digital Skill?

So, who really needs to get a grip on digital skills? Well, if you’re a student, a freelancer, or even just pondering your first foray into the job market, listen up: digital skills aren’t a luxury; they’re a necessity. 🎯

First of all, let’s tackle the big question: What is the best digital skill to learn? The answer can vary depending on your interests and career goals, but universally beneficial skills include coding, data analytics, and digital marketing. 💻

Here’s an example to ensure digital skills are important: With the proliferation of online education platforms, jobs like online tutoring have become more prevalent. Platforms such as Edumentors have surged in popularity, requiring tutors not just to be subject matter experts but also to have a handle on digital tools for effective teaching and engagement. This illustrates just how deeply digital skills have permeated traditional roles, making them vital across sectors. 📖

Now, we’ve already talked about the types of digital skills, but let’s reiterate the importance for students. Digital skills for students aren’t just about acing your coursework; they’re about preparing you for life beyond the classroom. Whether it’s coding, data literacy, or even just mastering PowerPoint, these skills will put you miles ahead of the pack. 📚

But it’s not just about the here and now; these are digital skills for the future. With the digital landscape ever-evolving, staying updated will make you adaptable and future-proof your career. 🌐

So, where should these skills be showcased? Right on your resume, of course! Digital skills for a resume are like golden tickets, opening doors to more opportunities and making you irresistibly employable. 🌟

And how do you acquire these coveted abilities? Through digital skill development. There are countless courses, workshops, and tutorials aimed at sharpening your digital toolkit. 🛠️

Why is all of this important? Because the skills of the digital 2023 landscape are rapidly changing, and you need to be prepared for what’s coming. 🚀

Digital Skills List

Whether you’re building your digital skill list for personal growth or job hunting, it’s crucial to know what digital skills are in demand. From mastering digital marketing skills to understanding data analysis, this section is your ultimate guide to becoming a digital maestro. Here is the list of digital skills, that are valuable

Digital Skill List

1. Social Media 📱

Understanding the nuances of social media is a far cry from just mindless scrolling or casually updating your status. This particular digital skill has risen to become a cornerstone in the list of types of digital skills that are most sought after. It includes various elements—brand building, customer engagement, crisis management, and often serving as the initial line of customer service. Let’s not forget the role it plays in digital marketing skills; social media is often the spearhead of digital campaigns, bridging the gap between brand and consumer in the most direct way possible.

But the buck doesn’t stop at just posting updates. Effective social media management also involves mastering digital communication skills. Whether it’s crafting a compelling story on Instagram or addressing customer grievances on Twitter, how you communicate online can set you apart in this highly competitive digital landscape. You’ll also need to be well-versed in utilising digital tools for scheduling posts, tracking engagement, and measuring metrics.

Digital channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer different opportunities and challenges. Your proficiency in knowing which platform suits your objective best can significantly impact the outcome of your efforts. Therefore, when crafting your digital skill list for future endeavours or your CV, being proficient in social media isn’t just a plus; it’s almost a necessity. This is one digital skill that certainly makes you more employable and sets the stage for your skill digital 2023 and beyond.

If you’re considering digital skill development, focusing on social media is a fantastic place to start. Whether you opt for a formal digital skill course or choose the self-taught route, enhancing your social media skills is a wise investment for your future.

2. Get to Know Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 🌐

Have you ever marvelled at how Google seems to know exactly what you’re looking for before you even finish typing? That’s the magic of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a vital component among the types of digital skills that are high in demand. But it’s more than just being Google-savvy; SEM is about understanding how to increase a brand’s visibility on search engines through both organic and paid means. If you’re constructing a digital skill list to make yourself more marketable, SEM is a skill you cannot afford to overlook.

The fascinating world of SEM is not just limited to keyword research or the basics of programming. It expands into the realm of digital marketing skills, including but not limited to, Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC), landing page optimisation, and ad copywriting. When you venture into digital marketing, possessing a digital marketing certificate that includes SEM can boost your credibility tenfold. It doesn’t just end at making a website or a product discoverable; it’s about driving targeted traffic and converting casual browsers into loyal customers.

One of the most intriguing aspects of SEM is its ever-evolving nature. As search engine algorithms become more sophisticated, SEM specialists need to adapt, making it a crucial skill for digital 2023 and beyond. It demands a blend of analytical thinking, creativity, and strategic planning. Hence, when considering digital skill development, understanding SEM can offer you a distinct edge, making you highly employable. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to draw traffic to your startup or a job seeker wanting to enrich your CV, SEM is an invaluable asset to possess.

3. Data Analysis 📊

If you thought data analysis was only for mathematicians or statisticians, think again. Data analysis is fast becoming one of the most sought-after types of digital skills on the market. It intersects with various industries, from healthcare and finance to marketing and logistics. Simply put, this is a digital skill you’ll want to put on your resume, regardless of your career path. Why, you ask? Because in today’s data-centric world, the ability to scrutinise and interpret data is an unparalleled asset.

We’re not just talking about mere number crunching or handling spreadsheets; we’re discussing the capability to draw actionable insights from a sea of information. It’s about transforming raw data into strategic decisions. This skill goes hand in hand with other essential digital tools, such as machine learning algorithms and data visualisation software. It’s a multifaceted discipline that encompasses a variety of tasks: trend identification, predictive modelling, and even storytelling. In essence, mastering data analysis is akin to acquiring the skill of translating a complex foreign language—one that could tell you precisely what your target audience wants or how to optimise your business operations.

As we step into the age of big data and artificial intelligence, data analysis is a digital skill for the future. What’s more, courses dedicated to data analysis are sprouting up everywhere, making it easier to formalise your expertise and include it in your skill digital 2023 list. This is not a skill to overlook; it’s a must-have for anyone aiming to become employable in this increasingly digital world. With data analysis under your belt, you’re not just a more attractive candidate for a variety of roles; you’re also better equipped to make informed choices in your personal life, from financial planning to even choosing the perfect Netflix series based on reviews and ratings!

4. Mastering Content Marketing 📝

When you consider the realm of digital marketing skills, content marketing reigns supreme. This is not your run-of-the-mill blog writing; it’s an intricate skill that demands strategic thinking and a keen understanding of your target audience. Think of it as a digital skill list essential. You’re not just firing off articles into the void; you’re crafting stories tailored to meet the needs and capture the imaginations of your readers. It’s storytelling with a laser-focused purpose: to educate, engage, and eventually convert your audience into loyal customers or followers.

Now, what types of digital skills work in harmony with content marketing? Well, you’d benefit immensely from a good grasp of SEO, understanding digital channels, and even data analysis to measure your content’s reach and efficacy. Content marketing isn’t a solo act; it’s a coordinated ensemble, each part contributing to the overall melody of your brand’s digital presence. You’ll also need to understand the varying platforms where your content will live—be it blog posts, video content, podcasts or even interactive infographics. Each medium requires a unique approach but contributes to a cohesive content strategy.

As we navigate through skill digital 2023 and beyond, the need for compelling, high-quality content is only going to soar. The good news is that there are countless content marketing courses and digital marketing certificate programs available for those who want to formalise their skills. Whether you’re writing product descriptions, crafting long-form articles, or producing riveting video content, mastering content marketing can make you an invaluable asset in today’s digital landscape. It’s a multifaceted skill that not only makes you more employable but also gives you the tools to build your own brand or business from the ground up.

5. Email Marketing 📧

One might argue that in the age of instant messaging and social media, email is becoming obsolete. But let’s debunk that myth straight away. When it comes to types of digital skills that are in constant demand, email marketing sits comfortably at the top of that digital skill list. Far from being an antiquated form of communication, email provides a platform that’s both versatile and deeply personal. In fact, for many businesses, it’s the backbone of their digital marketing skill set.

But what does proficient email marketing entail? It’s much more than merely sending out generic monthly newsletters. It involves targeted and segmented communication, utilising data analysis to understand customer behaviour and preferences. By doing so, you can tailor your emails to deliver relevant and compelling content to specific customer groups. When done right, this targeted approach not only increases customer engagement but also drives higher conversion rates. And let’s not overlook the growing importance of mobile marketing in this sphere. With a growing number of people checking emails on their mobile devices, optimising your emails for mobile views is no longer optional; it’s imperative.

As we look ahead into skill digital 2023 and the future, the sophisticated nature of email marketing platforms is going to offer even more opportunities for automation, personalisation, and analytics. Whether you’re just entering the workforce or looking to upskill, gaining a strong foothold in email marketing could significantly bolster your digital skills for resume enhancement. Many digital marketing certificate programs include email marketing as a core component, underlining its enduring relevance in the digital age. Mastering this skill won’t just make you employable; it’ll make you indispensable in an era that values direct, effective communication.

6. Mobile Marketing 📱

Smartphones have become more than just handy gadgets; they are an integral part of our lives. As such, mobile marketing holds a critical spot on the digital skill list of essential know-how. Given its immediacy and personal reach, mobile marketing has rapidly ascended the ranks in types of digital skills that companies are seeking. So what does this form of digital marketing skill entail? It’s a multi-faceted approach that includes but isn’t limited to, app-based marketing, SMS campaigns, and push notifications.

For starters, consider the power of app-based marketing. We’ve all seen how brands leverage apps to offer personalised experiences. Whether it’s customised shopping, location-based offers, or tailored news feeds, apps provide a direct channel to the consumer’s pocket. But here’s where data analysis comes in. It’s not enough to just have an app; you need to understand user behaviour within that app to deliver targeted and relevant content. The analytics here can help you refine your strategies, ensuring that you’re not just reaching your audience but engaging them effectively.

Looking ahead to skill digital 2023 and beyond, the future of mobile marketing is likely to incorporate even more advanced technologies, such as augmented reality or advanced in-app AI assistance, all aimed at enhancing user engagement and experience. What does this mean for you? As someone seeking to add weight to their digital skills for a resume or simply become more future-ready, understanding the intricacies of mobile marketing becomes non-negotiable. Many digital marketing certificate programs are now incorporating mobile marketing modules, emphasising its growing importance in the comprehensive digital marketing landscape.

7. Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) 💸

For anyone interested in the nitty-gritty of online advertising, pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is a fundamental entry on your digital skill list. Often touted as a quintessential digital marketing skill, PPC offers a unique blend of creativity and analytics. Essentially, this is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay a fee each time their advertisement is clicked. However, do not mistake its straightforward premise for simplicity; PPC is a multifaceted discipline demanding more than a rudimentary understanding.

To begin with, PPC isn’t merely about creating an appealing ad; it involves meticulous keyword research and strategising. You’re not just throwing digital spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks; you’re cooking up a finely-tuned dish designed to suit your audience’s palate. This is where types of digital skills like data analysis and digital communication skills come into play. To craft a successful PPC campaign, you must be able to sift through the sea of keyword analytics to identify what resonates with your target demographic. You also need to be nimble enough to tweak your ad content on the fly, making data-driven decisions to optimise for better results.

But let’s talk about future prospects—specifically, skill digital 2023 and onward. As we look ahead, PPC is likely to evolve with technological advances such as AI and machine learning algorithms that could potentially revolutionise keyword targeting and ad performance metrics. So, whether you’re updating your digital skills for your resume or merely staying ahead of the curve, a nuanced understanding of PPC is indispensable. Some digital marketing certificate programs offer specialised PPC modules, underscoring its crucial role in today’s digital advertising landscape.

8. The Importance of Strategy & Planning 🗓️

Digital marketing is a multifaceted endeavour, and it’s not just about executing disparate campaigns. You may have an arsenal of types of digital skills at your disposal—data analysis, content marketing, or social media prowess—but without a cohesive strategy and robust planning, even the most ingenious efforts can go away. In fact, having a well-laid-out plan is such a pivotal digital skill that it’s frequently considered a cornerstone of any successful digital venture.

The initial phase in crafting this strategy involves setting clearly defined objectives. What are you looking to achieve? Is it brand awareness, sales conversion, or perhaps customer retention? Once the goals are in place, the next crucial step is audience identification. Utilising data analysis, marketers are better able to understand their target demographic’s behaviours and preferences. By harnessing these insights, they can make data-driven decisions about which digital channels would be most effective. Will your audience be more responsive to a social media campaign or are they more likely to engage with email marketing? These are the kinds of questions that strategy and planning seek to answer.

Now, when we speak about what digital skills are in demand, especially in the landscape of skill digital 2023 and beyond, strategy and planning continue to be at the forefront. The digital world is ever-evolving, and staying ahead requires not only the ability to adapt but to anticipate. This entails continuous learning and updating your digital skills for the future, including strategy and planning. Many digital marketing certificate courses offer modules focused on this essential aspect, often recommending that it should feature prominently on any digital skill list, particularly on your CV.

9. The Power of Video 🎥

Boy Making Content for Video

In the contemporary digital world, video is not just an add-on but often the centrepiece of many successful digital marketing campaigns. It’s not merely about basic video creation; it’s a multifaceted digital skill that integrates with various types of digital skills, from content marketing to social media strategies. What digital skills are in demand? You’ll often find video content creation near the top of the list, especially in the context of skill digital 2023 and beyond. Given the diversity of digital channels available—YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, to name a few—the power of video is becoming increasingly crucial in cutting through the digital noise.

The importance of video goes beyond just the “virality” factor; it’s about effective storytelling. Whether you are dealing with short-form content that captures the viewer’s attention within seconds or long-form narratives that delve into deeper topics, video has an unparalleled ability to engage the audience. This is where the lines between data analysis and video content creation often blur. Analytical tools allow you to assess viewer behaviour, engagement rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). The aim? To refine your video strategy and make it even more potent.

But creating video content is not an isolated task; it’s intertwined with a comprehensive digital marketing skill set. Video content can be effectively integrated into email marketing campaigns, offer a richer experience on mobile marketing platforms, and serve as a critical component of pay-per-click marketing (PPC). Several digital marketing certificate courses now offer specialised training in video content creation and marketing, testifying to its growing importance. So, if you’re in the process of updating your digital skill list, make sure that mastering the power of video has a secure spot there, especially when crafting your CV.

Soft Skills that Complement Digital Skills

So, you’ve aced your digital skill list 📝, perhaps even completed a few digital skill courses. What’s the next step on your journey to becoming a digital powerhouse? While hard skills like coding and data analysis are undeniably important, never underestimate the power of soft skills to complement your technical abilities. Think of it this way: having digital skills for your resume is fantastic, but what will truly make you a well-rounded candidate is an accompanying set of soft skills.


Communication, is invaluable. No matter how adept you are at data analysis or digital marketing, if you can’t communicate your findings and strategies effectively, your skills may go underutilised. Good communication can also be a part of your digital skill development 📈, often covered in comprehensive digital skill courses. It’s crucial not just for teamwork but also for personal branding. When you describe digital skills on your CV , adding strong communication abilities can really make you stand out.


Problem-solving is another soft skill that can set you apart. Digital landscapes are ever-evolving, often presenting unforeseen challenges that can’t be solved merely by technical know-how. Whether you are troubleshooting a failed digital campaign or figuring out why website traffic has plummeted, problem-solving skills often come to the rescue. They allow you to approach issues logically and come up with innovative solutions, making you not just a tech whiz but a digital maven 🌟.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence, adaptability, and teamwork 🤝 are other soft skills that can amplify your digital prowess. Imagine you’re managing a digital marketing team; the ability to understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses, adapt to new digital tools swiftly, and foster a collaborative environment can spell the difference between a good campaign and a great one.

In summary, while it’s essential to continually update your digital skills for future job prospects, integrating soft skills into your repertoire can make you a standout candidate. Soft skills are more than just an ‘add-on’—they are integral to the holistic development of any digital professional. So the next time you look to describe digital skills on your CV or seek out a digital skill development course, make sure to consider how soft skills could complement your hard-earned technical expertise. 🌈

How to Describe Digital Skills on Your CV

Crafting the perfect CV is an art, and in today’s digital age, you can’t afford to leave out your digital skills. But how to describe digital skills on your CV effectively? Well, here’s a golden nugget for you: Be specific and targeted 🎯. It’s not enough to merely list ‘digital skills’ in a generic manner; you have to demonstrate your digital skills for life, digital skills for the future, and especially the digital skills for your resume that make you irresistibly employable 😎.


Always tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for. If the role demands expertise in digital marketing, then showcase your experience in SEO, SEM, and content marketing. If it’s a data-focused role, highlight your proficiency in data analysis tools like Excel or Python 🐍.

Results-Focused Digital Skills

When you describe digital skills on your CV, it’s essential to be outcome-oriented. For instance, instead of simply saying you’re ‘good at social media,’ go a step further and specify which platforms you excel in. Did you increase engagement rates on Instagram by 40% for your previous company? Or perhaps you managed a Twitter campaign that saw a 25% increase in followers? These specifics not only show your skills but also your impact 📈.

If you’re just entering the workforce or are still in the education phase, focus on digital skills for life that are universally beneficial. This could be anything from being proficient in Microsoft Office, which shows you can handle everyday tasks, to having basic programming skills, which are increasingly becoming essential in various job roles. Digital skills for the future might include emerging tech fields like machine learning, augmented reality, or blockchain. These can serve as excellent talking points during an interview and show that you’re forward-thinking and prepared for future industry shifts 👨‍🚀.

Do not Forget Soft Skills

Soft skills shouldn’t be neglected either. While these might not directly fall under ‘digital skills,’ they are qualities that make you employable in any digitised work environment. For instance, effective digital communication is invaluable when coordinating with remote teams or when clarifying project goals over email 📧.


Certificates and courses can add extra weight to your claims. Whether it’s a Google Analytics certificate or a comprehensive digital marketing course, these accreditations provide quantifiable proof of your skills. Mentioning these on your CV can make your qualifications more compelling and verified 🏆.

To wrap it up, describing your digital skills on your CV is a nuanced activity that demands specificity, relevance, and a focus on outcomes. By doing so, you don’t just make yourself employable for the job at hand but also prepare yourself for evolving future roles in the digital landscape 🌐.

Conclusion 🌟

We’ve embarked on a sweeping journey through the universe of digital skill development, touching upon everything from social media management to the intricacies of data analysis. Now, armed with this profound arsenal of digital skills for life, you’re more than just equipped; you’re primed to dominate the digital landscape 🎮.

As we look ahead, the panorama of digital skills for the future is expansive and ever-evolving. While today’s relevant skills will always hold their worth, the wheel of innovation never stops turning. Therefore, keeping an eye out for skill digital 2023 trends and beyond is imperative. What’s cutting-edge today could be standard practice tomorrow, so perpetual learning is your ticket to long-lasting relevance 🎓.

Ready to level up your game? The digital world is no longer just a construct behind a screen; it’s a living, breathing entity that offers limitless opportunities for those daring enough to venture. And remember, in the world of digital technology, the sky isn’t the limit—it’s just the beginning 🌌.

Whether you aim to be a digital marketer, data analyst, or a jack-of-all-trades in the digital realm, you’ve got the foundational knowledge that positions you miles ahead of the curve. Take this wisdom and convert it into action. The next big digital wave is coming, and you’re now equipped to ride it like a pro 🏄‍♀️.

In essence, let this guide be your lighthouse, illuminating the path towards a future where you’re not just surviving but thriving. Your playground awaits, and it’s one where your dreams aren’t confined to the clouds but have the potential to traverse galaxies. Go own it, and never look back 🚀


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