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Ahrnica H.

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KCL/UCL - Chemistry with Biomedicine (Used to be a Medical Student) student

Hi I'm Ahrnica, I'm a student at Kings College London, I'm currently studying Chemistry with Biomedicine. I previously studied at UCL Medical School. I've obtained all A*s at GCSE and 2A*s and 3 As at A Level. I love being able to learn and grow alongside my students through tutoring, it helps me inspire others in the subjects I'm very passionate about. This not only includes my specialities maths and the sciences (at all levels), but also includes history, geography, business studies, religious studies, English language and literature as well Careers guidance, as I have a background in working as a Careers Advisor. I have 7+ years of tutoring experience, I've taught both long term and short term students (i.e- preparing for exams at short notice) at all levels and capabilities and feel my empathetic nature, helps instill good values when it comes to approaching learning, and a thorough understanding of subjects studied. I like to investigate and tackle the problems at hand creatively encouraging students to question and understand not just the curriculum but it's wider application in our world. I love being able to see my students attain their full potential and feel motivated in their studies. In my spare time I enjoy relaxing in coffee shops, enjoy engaging in watching theatre, ballet/opera and documentaries, and also love to travel and explore new destinations and cuisines, as well as hiking in nature. Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions and would like to work with me :-) I look forward to teaching your student, and help them achieve their very best.

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Lauren H.

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University of Cambridge - Management student

Hi! My name is Lauren and I’m from Hong Kong. I'm currently a Master of Philosophy in Management student at the University of Cambridge, and a recent first class BA History, Politics and Economics graduate from UCL in London. I get along with new people easily and consider myself an open-minded, energetic and outgoing person. I have previous experience tutoring and mentoring in a variety of aspects to students and working professionals across the globe (namely English, university guidance, module selection, careers in finance/consulting/startups etc.) In terms of academics, I have previously achieved: - 11 A*s in IGCSEs (including Cambridge First Language English Literature and English Language) - 7/7 (A* equiv.) in IB First Language English Literature (including 100/100 in oral presentation and oral commentary analysis components) - First class (70%+) in multiple essay-based modules at university including for my 10, 000 word dissertation using critical discourse analysis/literary analysis as a methodology - First class (70%+) achieved across all three years of my undergraduate degree I have 2 years of experience tutoring English - some key highlights include: - Successfully preparing a student from Indonesia for the IELTS within a week, taking them from a 6.0 (in their previous attempts) to an 8.0, thus allowing them to meet their conditional offer for a Master’s degree in London - Aiding a PHD student in Spain with their thesis defence presentation, focusing on pronunciation, effective delivery methods, as well as more formal and sophisticated grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures - Helping an incoming post doctorate student from Korea improve his English listening and pronunciation skills to prepare him for undertaking research in the United States at Georgia Institute of Technology I also have a successful track record with career and application mentorship. With my students, I welcome being contacted about requests, questions or comments at any time. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and hope to see you in my class :)

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Welcome to Edumentors, your trusted partner for personalised, top-tier online career guidance. We understand your desire to ensure your child's successful future, and that's where our experienced mentors come into play.

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Our career guidance mentors, drawn from leading universities and industries, bring to the table their expertise and real-world experiences. They're dedicated to guiding your child through the intricate maze of career planning and decision-making.

Career Guidance Services

At Edumentors, we provide comprehensive career guidance services that help your child explore various career paths, understand their interests and strengths, and make informed decisions about their future. 

The Process

Finding the right mentor for your child is straightforward at Edumentors. Choose a potential mentor, schedule a free 15-minute trial session, and discuss your child's aspirations. Together, you, your child, and the mentor will develop a personalised career plan.

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The Importance of A-Levels and Choosing Appropriate Subjects

The selection of A-level subjects is a pivotal decision in your child's academic journey, one that can significantly impact their future career options. The subjects chosen at this stage often dictate the university courses available to your child, and subsequently, the career paths they may follow.

Our mentors understand this and are skilled at providing informed advice to your child. They help your child to identify their strengths, passions, and the subjects they excel in, whilst considering their career aspirations. Our guidance process includes an analysis of potential A-level subject combinations that would serve as a robust foundation for their chosen career path or university course.

Furthermore, we emphasise the importance of balancing personal interest with strategic subject selection. While it's important to choose subjects your child enjoys, it's equally crucial to consider the subjects required or preferred by universities for certain degree courses.

At Edumentors, we're committed to supporting your child through this critical decision-making process, ensuring that their A-level subject selection aligns with their long-term academic and career goals.

The Power of Career Guidance

Career guidance is not just about choosing a career; it's a transformative process that can shape your child's future. Our mentors equip your child with the tools to navigate their career path confidently, from understanding their skills, passions, and potential, to making informed decisions about further education and the world of work.

Our career guidance service provides clarity amid the myriad of career options available, and fosters a growth mindset, resilience, and adaptability, all of which are vital skills in the ever-changing job market. Moreover, career guidance can build self-esteem and provide a clear vision, helping your child realise that their future career can align with their personal values and life goals.

Lastly, having a mentor to guide them through this critical period can ensure your child feels supported, reducing stress and fostering a positive outlook towards their future. By empowering your child with the ability to make informed decisions about their future, we aim to pave the way for a fulfilling and successful career.

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