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Unlocking Maths Potential with Edumentors - Maths Tuition Online in the UK

Ever caught yourself fretting over your child's maths homework or upcoming exams, especially a maths exam?! You're not alone, and you've come to the right place. 😉 We at Edumentors know how important maths is—both as a subject and a life skill. That's why we offer top-notch online maths tuition in the UK designed to fit around your family's busy schedule.

But let's be honest—maths can be daunting. It's not just about numbers; it's about building life skills like problem-solving and logical thinking. Our maths tutors get that. They're not just experts in the field; they're skilled in turning 'I don't get it' into 'Ah, now I see!' Whether your child is gearing up for their GCSEs or tackling A-levels, we've got your back.

So why not take the first step? Schedule a free, no-obligation online maths lesson today and find the perfect tutor to help your child unlock their full potential. Trust us, it's a decision you—and they—won't regret.

About Maths... Is Mathematics THAT Important? 🧐

Let's face it—maths is everywhere. It's in your grocery list, your travel plans, and even in how you schedule your week. Yet, studies show that 1 in 3 students in the UK find maths challenging. If your child is one of them, you're not alone, and it's not too late to turn things around!

In an increasingly data-driven world, solid maths skills aren't a 'nice-to-have'—they're essential. That's why our dedicated online maths tutors across the UK personalise their approach for each student. We aim for more than just right answers; we strive to spark curiosity and build confidence.

Did you know students with robust maths skills are twice as likely to pursue high-earning careers? Whether your child is prepping for their GCSE maths exams or looking ahead to A-level maths, we're here to help them excel and pave the way for a bright, successful future.

Levels and Scope of Maths Curriculum: What Parents Need to Know

Primary School Maths

At this foundational stage, children learn the ABCs of maths—literally. They get to grips with number recognition, counting, and basic operations like addition and subtraction. Lessons often use interactive methods, like physical objects and visual aids. A private tutor can reinforce these foundational skills through one-to-one attention, setting a strong base for future learning.

11+ Exams

When students approach the 11+ exams, things get trickier. They encounter decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion, and basic geometry. The grading typically relies on a standardised score where 100 is considered average. A specialised tutor can provide targeted practice, helping your child not just meet but exceed these averages.

GCSE and IGCSE Maths

Here, maths becomes multifaceted, covering complex algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. GCSEs in England use a grading system from 9 to 1, where 9 is the highest. Maths tuition can demystify these topics and can be especially beneficial for those targeting grade 7 (A) and above, where questions get complex.

A-Level Maths

A-Levels up the ante considerably. Topics include advanced calculus, complex numbers, and further statistics. Grading varies from A* to E, and the jump from GCSE is substantial. A seasoned tutor can make this leap less daunting, providing insights into topics and exam techniques that are crucial for scoring an A or A*.

Further Maths

For those eyeing mathematics at university, taking Further Maths at A-level can be a great advantage. Topics here are specialised and include discrete maths and decision maths. An expert tutor can provide invaluable guidance here, preparing students for the rigours of university-level maths.

University Level

Here, students dive deep into specialisations like pure maths or applied maths, among others. The grading usually relies on a system of First Class, Upper Second (2:1), Lower Second (2:2), etc. A tutor can offer tailored support on complex modules, helping students to maintain a high GPA.

By understanding what each stage involves and how grading works, parents can better prepare their children for success in maths. A private tutor can offer focused, stage-appropriate guidance, making the educational journey smoother and more effective.

Why Online Maths Tuition with Edumentors Makes Sense

Considering online maths tuition? Here are some reasons to go digital with your child's education.


Online learning removes the need for travel, allowing your child to learn from home. According to eLearning Industry, 70% of students report better focus in online learning settings.

Individual Attention

Every student receives one-on-one support from our online maths tutors. Research indicates that personalised education can significantly improve student achievement.

Access to Experts

No matter your location in the UK, we connect you with qualified online maths tutors. Your child can benefit from high-quality tuition, regardless of geography.

Effective Use of Technology

Our tutors use digital tools like screen-sharing and digital whiteboards to make lessons engaging. Plus, the option to record sessions means your child can review material at their own pace.

These perks do more than just offer convenience; they provide a focused and effective learning environment—essential for mastering a challenging subject like maths.

What We Offer - Tailored Maths Tuition for Every Level of Maths

Every stage of your child's education comes with its own set of maths hurdles, and we're here to help them clear each one with flying colours.

11+ Maths

At this foundational level, students often struggle with basic arithmetic and problem-solving. Our tutors do more than just teach; they inspire. We employ customised strategies to ensure that your child not only excels in their 11+ exams but also acquires skills that will make tackling GCSEs easier than for others.

GCSE and IGCSE Maths

This is when maths starts getting intense, with the introduction of complex equations and geometry. Many students find this leap daunting. Our expert GCSE maths tutors break down these complicated concepts into bite-sized pieces, making them easier to understand by personalising teaching methods to a child's needs.

A-Level Maths

Advanced mathematics can be overwhelming, with topics like calculus and statistics requiring deep understanding. Our A-level maths tutors are well-versed in the rigours of A-level curriculum. They offer in-depth lessons that go beyond just scratching the surface, preparing your child for both exams and real-world applications after sixth form.

Specialised Support

Struggling with trigonometry? Baffled by algebraic expressions? We offer targeted lessons focused on your child's unique weaknesses, turning them into strengths.

Across all levels of maths, we aim to build confidence and instil a genuine love for the subject. Your child won't just be memorising equations; they'll be understanding the 'why' and 'how' behind them.

Trial Lessons and Affordable Packages at Edumentors

Choosing the right maths tutor is pivotal for your child's academic success. That's why we invite you to experience our services first-hand with a free trial lesson. This gives you the chance to:

  • Meet the Tutor: Understand their qualifications, experience, and teaching methods.
  • Sample Our Platform: Get a feel for our interactive online environment.
  • Discuss Needs: Outline your child's unique educational requirements and goals.

Flexible, Affordable Packages to Suit Every Budget

Post-trial, you'll have the option to choose from various tutoring packages designed to fit different needs and budgets:

  • Tailored Pricing: Our tutors set their own rates based on expertise and qualifications, ensuring excellent value.
  • Multi-Session Discounts: Benefit from reduced hourly rates when you book multiple sessions.