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Help your employees support their children's education

Reduce the pressure on parents who are working hard for you and for their families

Happy parents, happy employees!

Virtual Homework Club by Edumentors

A unique benefit that helps you attract and retain top talent.
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Improved Mental Health

Rested employees refresh and re-energise for the next day’s work

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Boosted productivity

Show your parent-employees the support they need and they will go an extra mile

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Decreased rotation

Employees whose parental responsibilities are respected will stay with you longer

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The kids love it, the parents love it!

Homework is hard for kids and hard for parents. It’s difficult to give 100% at work when you are also a part-time tutor every evening! But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Edumentors Homework Club creates a secure and supportive virtual learning environment to help kids with their homework. Mum and dad no longer have to become homework supervisors after a busy day at work!

It’s simple and convenient

How to access the Virtual Homework Club



Tell us how many employees you want to subscribe


Our team will tailor the services to your needs


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Kid Learning

How it works


We give your employees a unique access link to our supervised study sessions


Sessions are video & chat only. No talking, just homework and studying


Studying together increases focus and reduces stress and exam anxiety

Parent Student Studying

Why Edumentors?

We know how difficult it is to be a working parent and found a solution to help balance work and parenting. Our qualified online tutors come from top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, etc. and know how to work with children.

98% of parents report improved learning outcomes, which is why they love Edumentors

Employee benefits that matter today


Important for children

Children are disengaged in school and falling behind in many subjects


Invaluable to parents

Their children’s education is among the top 3 priorities of every parent


Covid-19 pandemic

Mandatory lockdown exposed the flaws in already outdated schooling system


Solution that works

Supervised study sessions to complete homework with the help of skilled tutors


Choose number of employees:   1000+ employees
Per person/per month

Premium subscription

24hr tutor-guided virtual rooms
Limited 1-1 homework support
Exclusive discount on tutoring services
Per person/per month

Standard subscription

Virtual rooms from 5pm to 8pm
Rooms are guided by our edu-mentors
Free access to our Masterclasses

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