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Why is Tutoring Important?

Even though some parents see hiring tutors as a shameful act, it is not like that at all. Thankfully, tutoring has become more and more accepted since the pandemic started. It was hard for children to study at home, without going to school and without their parent’s supervision 24/7. Hence, private tutors were life savers for some parents during that period. The right tutor can help your child with anything from schoolwork, tests and self-confidence struggles. People better understand now the importance of additional help with homework, tests or self-confidence struggles. The right tutor can provide your child with all of the above

As tutoring becomes more popular, there are also more and more choices of great tutors. That’s why we gathered tips to ensure that you’ll find the perfect tutor and get your child the life-changing tuition they deserve.

Private Tutoring vs. Group Tutoring

It depends on the subject and the child, but typically group tutoring is not as helpful as private tutoring is. The main pro of private teachers is that they can personalise and tailor lessons to your child’s needs. When it comes to groups, it’s hard to give every child the same attention. However, if your child thrives when they study with others and you know they can learn from others too, group tutoring can also be helpful. Bonus, they will get ready for the next steps like a university where they will have to work in groups frequently.

Online Tutoring vs. Face-to-Face Tutoring

Whether you choose private tutoring or group tutoring, both can be found online. Therefore, you have to weigh the pros and cons of both of them too before choosing.

In-person tutoring is comfortable for children who struggle with concentration, can’t sit down and always fidget. Tutors can’t regulate their behaviours through the screen easily, so it’s easier to have a productive lesson in person. However, it’s not convenient, especially if you live in a big city. Also, you don’t want to hire someone who is not the right fit for your child just because they live nearby. 

If you don’t want to limit yourself to tutors near you, online tutoring is for you. Online tutors can be found in different communities, like Reddit or Facebook. They can also be found on different online tutoring platforms. It’s comfortable since none of the parties involved needs to even leave the house! However, if your child’s school is already online and they struggle to focus because of that already, they might not be able to engage in the lesson productively. However effective online tutoring might be, children need to socialise with others in-person and go outside.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

There are many benefits of learning online. Online tutoring is comfortable since you don’t have to leave your house or let someone in your home. It’s flexible and can be cost-effective because none of you needs to travel and it saves time and money. This also gives you the chance to be able to change the schedule at the last minute if needed. Since you are not limited by the location, online tutoring gives you a plethora of choices. You can find tutors from all around the world and from every possible university and with every possible experience. This makes finding the right tutor fairly easy!

Ask Other Parents for Recommendations

Even if you opt for online tutoring, asking around for advice is really helpful. If you have friends or colleagues that have children similar age as yours, ask them. They may give you their favourite online tutoring platform or give you the number of a tutor directly. They are trustworthy so you know their recommendations are good. Also, your friends might understand why your child needs a tutor better and give you the recommendation of the best possible right tutor!

Despite all that stated above, the tutor might work wonders for one child and could not be the right fit for the other. Hence, don’t go for others’ suggestions blindly. Make sure to meet with a tutor alongside your child before hiring them long-term.

Research Online Tutoring Platforms

There are many trusted online tutoring platforms that can help you to find the right tutor. One of the best websites is Edumentors. Only tutors from the greatest universities are hired and they go through robust interviews and qualification checks You can find here tutors from Cambridge, Oxford and etc. on Edumentors website.

Benefits of Hiring a Young Tutor

How to Find the Right Tutor - Student Studying Online
How to Find the Right Tutor – Student Studying Online

Some parents can’t fully trust young tutors, but there are many benefits to choosing younger teachers. Firstly, they already study at top universities so you don’t have to worry about their knowledge. Secondly, they are enthusiastic and motivated to help your child. Older teachers are tired, overworked and sometimes can’t put as much effort into tutoring as younger people can. Young tutors are more up-to-date on new teaching methods and they can make the lesson fun and engaging for the child. Also, some children see them as big brothers or big sisters which also ensures their good tutor-tutee relationship.

Great Tutors on Edumentors

Tutors on Edumentors are ready to overcome any obstacle with their tutee. They are supportive teachers who will dedicate their time and efforts to making your child successful and confident.

1. Chloe from the King’s College London – She gets along amazingly well with kids and is always excited to help young students out. Chloe always brings interesting exercises that kids enjoy and makes a heavy studying experience seem fun and engaging.

2. Iacopo from the University of Edinburgh – Iacopo is brilliant when it comes to STEM subjects. He passionately teaches both physics and maths and has himself passed them with the highest marks in GCSE and A-levels.

This is what other parents have said about him:

“Edumentors have really helped my son with his Maths. He looks forward to his lessons. His tutor is friendly, patient, organised and explains things in a way that relates to my son.” – Becky

Some people still think that students should be afraid of their teachers to make their sessions as productive as possible, but that’s not true. The friendlier the atmosphere, the more motivation and dedication the child has!

Speak with the Tutor First

It’s important to speak with the tutors first. We advise you to pick several of them, make a shortlist and choose the right tutor after that. That’s also why online tutoring is comfortable – you can speak with many tutors without leaving the house!

There are things you should pay attention to at the first meeting. The tutor should be friendly to your child, they should not only talk to you. Their voice tone should be appropriate to the child’s age. They should speak in a manner that the child understands too.

Find a Tutor Who Matches Your Child’s Learning Style

It’s important that the tutor’s teaching style matches how your child studies the best. If the tutor likes practice papers, and mock tests but your child needs an auditorial teacher who will explain it out loud, it won’t work! Make sure they match and make sure the tutor can be flexible when it comes to the child’s learning style. Knowing your style helps us study, but we are not limited to one learning style, so the tutor should be able to adjust the lesson to the subject topic too.

Ask the Tutor About Their Long-Term Schedule

A Tutor should be able to answer about their long-term schedule. Will they be able to teach during an exam season? Do they have a study plan?

Some children become attached to the tutor and if the tutor changes often, it will impact their performance badly. So, if your child is like that, make sure you know about the tutor’s future plans! All tutors on Edumentors are students in universities, so they might not have every week and day available, hence, make sure you are on the same page.

Make Sure Your Child Feels Comfortable too

No matter how experienced and knowledgeable the tutor is, if the child doesn’t feel comfortable, it won’t work. Tutoring is beneficial because the tutee and tutor have a close bond which is almost impossible at school. If the child does not quite feel well about the tutor, it does not mean the tutor is bad, it just means they are not right for your child.

If you need further guidance, you can read this article – how should the first meeting of student and tutor go.

To Sum Up

If you want to meet with some tutors, request a free session on Edumentors.co.uk or speak with an expert to get help with choosing the right one. All tutors on Edumentors are required to have a DBS check, so the safety of your child is guaranteed. Since tutors went through the same struggles not too long ago, they know exactly how to help and what makes up great tutors. Tutors can find the solution to every problem your child might have regarding their schoolwork and more!


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