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NHS Discounts for Parents on Edumentors

Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors

Thank You to our NHS Heroes!

For those who are not familiar, NHS stands for the National Health Service. They provide most medical and health care services for UK residents for free. These services are paid by taxes, meaning they are “publically funded”. People who worked there were heroes before the covid-19 hit, and now they deserve even more appreciation! NHS discounts for parents are one way to help them out!

The coronavirus was a challenge for everyone and it was a very difficult time to live in. However, sacrificing seeing friends or even going outside for days can be seen as nothing compared to what medical staff went through and not to forget that there are still thousands of covid-19 cases every day in the UK.

There have been cases where nurses or doctors from other sectors came to the front line. For example, Jenny Hall went from mental health nursing to the RRaT team (Rapid Response and Treatment).

💡 “Her move from the proactive element of the ICHS to work closely with the RRaTs has allowed us to cope with the increase in referrals to our service.” – says Mandy Waldon, clinical lead in the RRaT.

Also, there was a case where the student took more responsibility for her, the paediatric speech and language therapist who volunteered for more hours to help out, the dentist that took responsibility for being a Covid-19 swabber and etc.

There are numerous stories like this, and we should be thankful for people in the medical field and their enormous help during the pandemic. It was a lot of stress, sacrifices, and pain and some people still blamed them for long queues and whatnot. Edumentors’ team wants to appreciate these amazing people as they can. They are heroes and deserve to be admired.

Edumentors’ NHS Discounts for Parents

Edumentors offers NHS staff who are currently parents 20% off for a tutoring session. Just register and check out tutors If you decide to book many sessions, you will be able to use Edumentors’ additional benefit. The more lessons you book, the lesser the price!

What is Edumentors?

Edumentors is an online tutoring platform connecting students with UK’s best online tutors from top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick, etc.

Expert 1-1 tutors help students with exam preparation in 11plus, GCSE and A-Levels. Parents can find and book private tutors for all school subjects including English, Physics and Maths, Biology, Chemistry and others.

Importance of Finding the Right Tutor for Your Child

NHS Discounts for Parents - Tutoring Session
NHS Discounts for Parents – Tutoring Session

Despite popular belief, tutoring is for everyone. Even if the child gets the highest grades, they may still benefit from having a tutor. Great tutors can teach subject material on a deeper level, help them with homework, and exam preparation and stand by them every step of the way. A friendly tutor can make the child more comfortable to make mistakes or ask “silly” questions (even though there aren’t any!). 

School systems don’t work for everyone. They are tailored to the majority and some students can’t quite learn there. There have been many examples where kids were not that good students in school, but with a help of a tutor, they went to top universities and got amazing and high-paid jobs. Bad grades in school don’t define students. Even if they lack enthusiasm and motivation, that’s understandable too. Additional help from a tutor can help with self-consciousness too!

💡 Check out one of the parent’s – Becky’s review:

“Edumentors have really helped my son with his Maths. He looks forward to his lessons. His tutor is friendly, patient, organised and explains things in a way that relates to my son.”

Different Tutoring Options

There are several tutoring options such as in-person tutoring, group tutoring and online tutoring. In-person tutors teach children face-to-face in either one’s house or their office. Some parents see it as the only option for effective learning, however, the pandemic showed us that it’s not at all impossible to learn online. It’s even more comfortable. Group tutoring can be found both online and in person. This option can be helpful in some cases, but some students need personalised lessons which group tutors can’t provide them with. It’s hard to always be behind or ahead in class or not understand the material because the tutor is tailoring a lesson to a majority and not every one of them.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

There can be benefits of online tutoring found for every parent, but it’s the perfect choice for working parents in the medical field. Being a doctor or a nurse is a hard job. You never know what unexpected things might happen at your work. Hence, it’s comfortable to know that your child does not have to welcome anyone home when they are alone or go to another stranger’s house.

Private tutors in the UK are not required anything to start teaching. Therefore, it’s all up to you to have a background check and qualification check on them. If you opt for online tutoring services, most of them did the hard part for you. For example, on Edumentors, only the best and most qualified tutors are hired.

Online tutoring is also convenient since it saves time and money on commuting and your child can have more free time or more time to study. They not only can study from home but can also bring their laptop on vacation if needed and attend sessions there. In addition, it’s also flexible since it’s easier to reschedule if something unexpected comes up.

When finding a tutor online, you are not limited to your location and it’s easier to find just the right tutor for your child. Even if a local tutor has experience and knowledge, they might not have fitting teaching methods for your child.

Why Edumentors is the Best Online Tutoring Platform?

There are many trustworthy online tutoring websites one of them being Edumentors.co.uk. All tutors there go through an interview process and qualification check before being hired. They shall have the highest grades in the subjects they wish to teach and are required to have a DBS certificate to start tutoring on Edumentors. Hence safe online learning for your child is guaranteed.

All tutors come from Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick and other top UK universities. They not only teach your child the subject materials and help with their homework, but they can also give them emotional support throughout. Young super-tutors are more enthusiastic, motivated and friendly. That’s why students normally feel more comfortable and are more engaged in the sessions. 

Claim you NHS Special 20%* Discount now! Go to Edumentors.co.uk, book sessions with your desired tutor and send us a code NHS20 in our website chat or on our WhatsApp.

*Other discounts would not apply when using the NHS 20% discount.


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