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How to Prepare Mentally for the First Year of University?

Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors

Is University Hard?

Whether it’s the results day and you are already accepted at the university of your choice or you have just started studying for A-level exams, you still wonder how your first year of university will be.

For starters, university classes are harder than secondary school classes. However, that does not mean that good grades are unattainable. Hard work, dedication and consistency will pay off. Compared to secondary school, university classes are more fast-paced, complicated and also, you need to be responsible and strong-willed since sometimes you’ll even have to force yourself to study. Research different time-management tips, use effective study techniques and try different revision methods.

Is University Harder than A Levels?

Even though it really depends on the subject, most students that are studying at universities don’t find classes to be that much harder than A-level exams. If you have a friend who studies at university or you have a tutor for your A levels, ask them to describe their first day, ask them to give you tips and tell you their experience. 

Tips for First Year of University

Get to Know as Many People as Possible During First Year of University

You can learn many things from interacting with different people. Also, remember that your classmates have similar interests to you and it’s sometimes easier to make friends with them. Just start with small talk and be confident! Find interesting topics about your major and just start talking with people. They also are new to the university, so don’t worry. Get a group of friends, they will be your support system throughout the struggles of studying at university and you can also study with friends during exam periods too. 

Learn to Be Independent

That’s one of the hardest aspects of being a student for some people. Lecturers don’t control you as your teachers or tutors did when you were in school. Hence, you should learn time management and use any tools to help you study by yourself. You’ll learn how to manage deadlines with time too, don’t worry if you are not perfect at it at first. Use to-do lists. You can write them on paper or use online apps, your choice!

Use CTRL+S as Much as Possible

You may have already had a situation when you think you wrote a perfect essay, but then your laptop lagged or the app closed accidentally. If that happened, then you already know how hard it is to explain this lost assignment mystery to teachers. Make sure you always back up your files and save assignments occasionally, even while writing. You never know what might happen.

Participate in Different Activities

First Year of University - Students Working in Group
First Year of University – Students Working in a Group

Extra activities can sometimes seem like a waste of time, but socialising is a big part of universities. Go to the university-arranged parties! Join different clubs! Whatever is the most comfortable for you. We know it’s hard for introverts to just get up and go to a party or a book club alone, but you can go with someone who you are not best friends with, but know from a class.

Find Studying Methods that Work for You During First Year of University

Different students study differently too. Always google new study techniques and implement them. Find what best works for you and use your time efficiently. Use note-taking apps, or use notebooks for note-taking. Get cute pens and highlighters if that will keep you motivated! Check out the top 7 revision methods and pick the one that works for you!

Don’t Act Dishonestly

Don’t cheat on your exams and never plagiarise. We’ve all been there and we know, that sometimes there is no other way out, but is it worth it? Just retake the class if necessary, don’t put your whole education at risk. Study harder and use helpful techniques for revising, and then you won’t have to worry about someone catching you cheating.

Get to Know Your Lecturers

University is all about networking. Speak with your lecturers, connect with them, ask them for tips and use their experience. If you have a question, you’ll be less shy to ask it if you know your lecturer at some level. Maybe you leaving a good impression on lecturers can even give you job opportunities in the future, who knows? Make them remember you but in a good way, don’t be too pushy and respect their boundaries.

Don’t Forget Your Health

Yes, studying and learning are important. However, do you need a good career if your physical and/or mental health is declining? Eat well (5 brain foods to boost brain health), work out, do yoga and have a good sleep routine. It’s easy to get addicted to pulling all-nighters or skipping breakfasts, but your health should come first. It’s okay to be a little inattentive to it during an exam period, but make sure to don’t develop harmful habits. 

Start Saving Money in the First Year of University

You may have already seen memes and jokes about students being broke. So, make sure you manage your finances well. Living away from parents can give you the freedom to spend money and even though you should sometimes treat yourself, don’t buy too many useless things. Don’t buy gadgets or online courses you know you will not use. If you want to have a little extra money, you can find a part-time job somewhere near your university!

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