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Top 5 A-level Revision Websites

Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors

When a student decides to start their A-level revision, finding the right revision resources can make all the difference in your preparation. The internet is awash with revision sites and educational YouTube channels, but which ones truly offer the best support? This guide distills the vast array of options down to the six most impactful A-Level revision websites, complemented by a curated list of YouTube channels, ensuring you have access to top-tier educational content. The blog also offers some important considerations to keep in mind during revision – read on to find out more!

Best A-Level Revision Websites

1. Exam Solutions

Why It’s Good – Specialising in Mathematics, Exam Solutions offers an extensive library of video tutorials covering A-Level Maths topics in depth. It’s the go-to resource for students seeking clear, concise explanations of complex problems.

How to Use It – Target specific areas of difficulty within your Maths syllabus, and use the corresponding Exam Solutions videos to guide your study sessions. Practice alongside the tutorials to enhance your problem-solving skills.

2. Physics and Maths Tutor

Why It’s Good – This site is invaluable for students of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, providing detailed revision notes, diagrams, and a plethora of exam questions. Physics and Maths tutor is particularly praised for its comprehensive coverage and structured layout. If you’re preparing for A-level maths, make sure you get used to using A-level maths calculators during your preparation.

How to Use It – Regularly tackle the practice questions and revise with the detailed notes available for your subject. Use the site to fill in any gaps in your understanding and to reinforce your knowledge base.

3. Khan Academy

Why It’s GoodKhan Academy’s adaptive learning platform offers personalized pathways, making it ideal for students who benefit from a tailored approach. Its interactive exercises and progress tracking are excellent for keeping students engaged and focused.

How to Use It – Start with a diagnostic quiz to identify your strengths and weaknesses, then follow the custom learning path designed to bolster your knowledge in areas needing improvement.

4. Revisely

Why It’s GoodRevisely stands out for its succinct summaries and focused resources, perfect for quick revision sessions. Its organized content structure makes finding specific topics straightforward and efficient.

How to Use It – Use Revisely for last-minute revisions or to clarify specific points within your subjects. It’s also great for reviewing topics immediately after learning them in class to reinforce your understanding.

5. Crash Course

Why It’s Good – Known for its engaging and high-quality video content, Crash Course breaks down complex subjects into manageable, enjoyable lessons. It’s ideal for visual learners who appreciate a narrative approach to learning.

How to Use It – Supplement your traditional revision with Crash Course videos to gain a broader understanding of topics or to revisit challenging concepts with a fresh perspective.

Recommendations for YouTube Channels

For auditory learners, YouTube can be a great tool, here are the best channels for your A-level revision:

  • Numberphile (Maths)
  • 3Blue1Brown (Maths)
  • Periodic Videos (Chemistry)
  • Science Shorts (Physics)
  • Dr Physics A (Physics)
  • CrashCourse (Various Subjects)

How to Maximise Your A-Level Revision

  1. Set Clear Goals – Define what you want to achieve in each study session.
  2. Use a Variety of Resources – Combine notes, videos, and past papers for a well-rounded revision.
  3. Stay Organized – Keep your revision materials and schedule organized to make the most of your study time.
  4. Practice Actively – Engage with the material by practicing questions, not just reading notes.
  5. Seek Feedback – Use forums or study groups to discuss topics and clarify doubts.
  6. Consider Tutoring A-level tutors can greatly impact your exam results by giving you insight, feedback and the support you need during this stressful period.


A-Level exams can be a daunting prospect, but with the right resources that you now definitely have, you can prepare effectively and confidently. The websites and YouTube channels listed above offer a wealth of information and learning styles to suit every student. By incorporating these tools into a balanced and disciplined study routine, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the grades you aspire to.


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