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Online English Tutors on Edumentors

Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors

Online English Tutors on Edumentors

Top Online English Tutors on Edumentors - Tutor and Tutee Studying
Online English Tutors on Edumentors – Tutor and Tutee Studying

1. Adiva from the University of Surrey

“Lessons are planned and structured based on child weakness to help improve their foundation on the subject. Homework is given at the end of each lesson. Weekly tests are given to track child’s improvement. A starter quiz is given at the start of the lesson to see how much the child has retained from the previous lesson. Monthly reports given to parents to track their child progress.”

2. Anika from the University of Warwick

“I offer tutoring in the following GCSE subjects: Mathematics, French, Biology and English Literature. Previously, I have facilitated a 20% point rise in my tutees’ exam performances. Overall, I seek to motivate my students to achieve their fullest potential in their desired subject.”

3. Rueben from the University College London

“Additionally, I can assist with IGCSE/GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography and English Language. Given my mother is a tutor herself, I have experience with teaching younger children (below 11) English, Maths and Sciences. I am also available in mentoring your child with University applications for Economics related courses.”

4. Jenna from the University of Warwick

“Although I love my subjects, I know how disheartening and challenging school can be. For that reason, I am here to provide help and guidance during this stressful period. At university, I am part of a mentorship programme which offers academic support to younger history students. I have found this experience really fulfilling and am therefore excited to take on new tutees this summer!”

5. Ella from the Cardiff University

“Growing up, I struggled to engage in the classroom and it wasn’t until I began reading regularly that I discovered my love for learning and writing. Through tutoring I will help students strive for that moment of satisfaction when understanding something new and provide a fresh and supportive perspective during stressful times. I have experience of teaching dance to students in years 7-9, running a beginners photography workshop to sixth form students as well as informal tutoring with siblings.”

Why is Learning English Essential even for Native Speakers?

English is the most widely spoken language in the world and it’s also one of the most important ones. That’s why it is crucial to find top online English tutors if you are looking for additional help. English is used by millions of people every day to communicate with each other. Hence, if you want to succeed in your career, knowing English is essential. Natives start learning English when they are babies, but if you don’t know the proper vocabulary, you may not be able to speak for yourself as clearly as you wish to. In addition, you may not be able to take full advantage of all the online resources there are for anything your heart desires.

English is the official language of over 60 countries around the world and many more have made it their second language too. So, even if there are lots of opportunities for people who know how to speak English, it can be harder to succeed with the average knowledge. Now it’s totally possible to get better and better at English even if it is not your first language, so there is a lot of competition you’ve got there!

Benefits of Finding English Tutors For Native Speakers

Native speakers have an intuitive understanding of some topics and complexities in English. Those can be hard to grasp for non-natives. However, that does not mean natives don’t struggle with English. For example, even native speakers often make mistakes while writing when it comes to the stylistic side and punctuation.

If you dream of journalism, law or any kind of career which requires you a lot of reading or writing, don’t be too confident just because English is your first language. Nowadays most schools in the UK teach GCSE English courses which focus primarily on grammar skills needed throughout life but not enough attention has been paid to learning vocabulary words.

“When we speak English informally, we speak differently. And there are a number of things we do that make this difference. For example, we contract words, we shorten them. And we also connect them, we stick them together. We say them quickly and we miss out beginnings or ends of words. So these sentences I’ve just said to you do this in a number of places.” says Hillary, founder of Adeptenglish in her article. So, even if you speak clearly and can explain things to natives, you may not be able to work with non-natives at your job!

Skills You Will Get

Being good at English teaches you communication skills and speaking skills, which are essential in every career path you might follow. If you want to pursue a career in communications, you can have all the English knowledge from all existing books, but if you don’t know how to communicate with your target age group, for example, your efforts might be a waste of time.

There are ephemeral slangs which are not taught in schools. We’ve all seen companies trying to use slang in their social media marketing and look funny, but some of them do it right! For example, Duolingo – they are active on different social media platforms and teenagers love it! So, there is not only grammar or writing skills in English, you should be confident and up-to-date with new trends all the time.

How Can Online English Tutors Help?

Tutors can provide you with anything from help with homework to GCSEs and A-level English. Their job as a tutor is to provide the support and encouragement that you need in order to achieve your goals. However, is that it?

Some people think that the more knowledge a tutor has, the better they get at tutoring. Some also say that being friends with your teacher/tutor/supervisor is not great! We’ve all seen jokes about bringing teachers to prom parties or being fake-nice to tutors who start talking about their lives to avoid doing school stuff. Great tutors have something that not everyone can have.

The right tutor can give you emotional support and stand by you when you feel like you are not getting better or start to procrastinate. There was a belief that if you are scared of a teacher, the more likely you are to get homework done. Do you ever remember doing homework just because you don’t want to disappoint your teacher? Yes, the more respect and friendly relationship you have with your tutor, it gets harder to ignore their homework. 

In addition, the more they know you on a personal level, it’s easier to provide you with personalised lessons, and personalised tests and adjust the lesson to you. Also, even though it’s the tutors’ job to teach you as much as possible, we are all humans, so the more they like you, they get more enthusiastic and motivated to spend extra time to find resources that you might find helpful!

Different Tutoring Options

There are many different types of tutoring available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Some students prefer in-person tutoring because they feel more comfortable working with their tutor face-to-face. 

What about group tutoring? Group sessions allow you to learn from others while working on group projects as well as completing individual assignments together with other students who share your same goals and interests. This type of session will provide you with motivation and accountability throughout the entire process. However, if you are a slow learner and are already fed up with saying “hey, teacher, please repeat” group sessions are not for you.

The most convenient of them all – is online tutoring. Online tutors teach you via video-conferencing apps and you can get the same if not better education without even leaving your house.

Benefits of Learning Online

There are many benefits to learning online. Online tutoring is convenient and can be cost-effective. It allows you to learn English at your own pace, wherever you are in the world, with a tutor that’s right there with you every step of the way. If you want to go to Cambridge, you can miss out on the perfect tutor who studies in Cambridge and can give you the best preparation but lives in the students’ hall.

Online tutoring is comfortable and flexible. When it comes to learning English through video lessons, there are no more awkward pre-class huddles or waiting around for your teacher to show up—you can go wherever you want when inspiration strikes!

Plus, if something comes up during or before class (like an important phone call, or health problems), no worries: you’ll find another time for you all to meet up again later on. Since no one has to travel late at night (which causes not-much-needed anxiety) you can have sessions after 7 pm too!

Online tutoring is good for beginners as well as advanced students because everyone learns differently! This means that every student will benefit from having access not only from their own perspective but also from other perspectives – tutors.

We’ve found that this approach allows us all together to grow stronger together than any one person who would individually work alone could ever do alone. It’s possible, but you can’t physically improve your speaking skills alone.

How to Find the Right Tutor?

Where to Look for Online English Tutors?


A good way to find out about online tutors who have been teaching English for a long time and have good reviews from students is through Reddit, which is an online forum where people can share their experiences with each other. You can also read through their profiles and see if they sound like someone you would like to work with.


Another social media platform that has recently become popular among students looking for free tutoring services is Facebook Groups or Pages where users post questions related to English language learning, such as “Where do I find good teachers?” and “How much does it cost?” These groups usually contain hundreds if not thousands of members who may have experience teaching kids at different ages and levels (elementary schoolers vs high schoolers). 

Other Options for Finding Online English Tutors

If neither Reddit nor Facebook nor any other social media platforms works out for whatever reason, then perhaps there might be another option available which could help guide us down our path towards finding just what we need from someone else’s perspective. It’s an online tutoring website! 

You may not feel comfortable searching for tutors in an anonymous Reddit community since it can result in unsafe online tutoring. However, most good online tutoring services require their tutors to have a DBS check which is a kind of background check in the UK, if you are not sure what it is.

One of the great tutoring platforms is Edumentors. You can find young tutors from Cambridge, Warwick, Oxford and other big universities. Young tutors are more enthusiastic, friendly, and motivated and can get you better support than someone who does not even remember their GCSE results day or even A level results day!

How to Choose?

Now, the most important part. You have 20 tabs of different tutor options open, which one is the best? One can have more experience tutoring, and the second maybe has more years done in university. Don’t you worry about it! All tutors on Edumentors are great, however, you need to find the right one! You can book free sessions on Edumentors’ website and speak to all of them if you wish to. If you are not sure what to ask or what to pay attention to, read how should the first meeting of student and tutor go.

  • Teaching methods – do they teach in the way that is suitable to you? Can they accommodate your learning style?
  • Scheduling – how flexible are they with their schedules? Don’t forget – they are students so ask them if they will be available during their exam season too – if long-term tutoring is something that you are looking for.


If you are ready to take the next step, find the top English tutors on edumentors.co.uk and book a free trial session with them. Find the right turor, speak with them and see how well you two get along. They will help you understand the areas you need help with and you can get started right away.

Edumentors only hires the greatest students from top universities like Oxford, Cambridge and others who have recently passed their GCSE and A-level exams and can teach you how to increase your scores too. They might give you tips and tricks for acing your exams and provide you with support personalised to your needs! 


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