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SATs Results 2024 – What to Expect

As July approaches, anticipation grows for the release of the 2024 KS2 SATs results. In this blog, we will provide you with the latest updates, detailed analysis, and essential insights into what these results mean for students, parents, and educators. Our goal at Third Space Learning is to keep you well-informed with the most relevant and timely information available.

When Do SATs Results Release?

The Key Stage 2 SATs results for 2024 are set to be released in July. Drawing on patterns from previous years, such as the 11th July 2023 release, we can anticipate a similar timeline for this year. This section of our blog will serve as a live tracker for all developments related to the KS2 SATs results as they unfold.

Why Focus on KS2?

With KS1 SATs now being optional, our focus will intensively be on KS2, covering:

  • Results analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • Question types

These elements are crucial for understanding the broader implications of the results and preparing for future assessments.

Key Dates and What to Expect

SATs 2024 Exam Schedule

SATs 2024 Exam Scheduledetailed information
13th MayGrammar, Punctuation and Spelling (45 minutes for the grammar/punctuation test and 20 minutes for the spelling test)
14th MayReading Test (60 minutes)
15th MayMaths Paper 1 (Arithmetic, 30 minutes) and Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning, 40 minutes)
16th MayMaths Paper 3 (Reasoning, 40 minutes)
SATs 2024 Exam Schedule

This schedule is crucial for educators and parents to ensure students are prepared for each component of the test suite.

Release and Access to SATs Papers

The SATs test materials and mark schemes, particularly for KS2 maths and English, are expected to be released online in May 2024. While exact dates for the release from embargo are still pending, this will include:

  • English reading paper
  • Grammar and punctuation paper
  • Spelling paper
  • Mathematics papers focused on reasoning

These materials will be invaluable for educators and students alike, providing key resources for preparation and review.

How to Prepare for the Results

As we await the official release of the SATs results, there are several ways schools and parents can prepare:

  1. Download Past Papers: Engaging with past papers is one of the best ways to understand the format and types of questions that will be included in the tests.
  2. Utilise Free Resources: Hundreds of free resources are available to aid in preparation, including year 6 maths SATs practice papers.
  3. Online Maths Tuition: For those seeking more structured support, our online one-to-one maths SATs tutor offers personalized preparation using various funding options.

Implications of the SATs Results

Understanding the SATs results goes beyond simply knowing scores. These results provide a snapshot of educational achievement and are crucial for:

  • Setting future learning targets
  • Identifying areas needing improvement
  • Planning educational strategies at both the classroom and policy levels


The release of the SATs results in July 2024 is more than just a date on the calendar; it is a significant event that shapes the educational journey of students across the UK. By understanding these results and the content of the tests, students and educators can better prepare for the challenges ahead, ensuring that all pupils have the tools they need to succeed.


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