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AQA A-level Physics Specification At a Glance

Why Choose AQA for A-Level Physics?

Embarking on A-level Physics is a significant step, and choosing the right board is crucial. AQA A-level Physics stands out for its relevance in both the classroom and the real world. Developed with extensive teacher involvement and insights from universities, AQA ensures that their specifications cater to students’ and educators’ needs. It is no news that A-level physics is hard but With AQA, students are not just preparing for exams but are laying the groundwork for future study in science or engineering.

A-Level Physics Specification Summarised

AQA’s A-level Physics course, detailed in the AQA A-level Physics specification, offers a comprehensive and cohesive structure:

  • Core Content:
    • Measurements and their errors.
    • Particles and radiation.
    • Waves.
    • Mechanics and materials.
    • Electricity.
    • Further mechanics and thermal physics (A-level only).
    • Fields and their consequences (A-level only).
    • Nuclear physics (A-level only).

Options (A-level only)

  • Medical physics.
  • Engineering physics.
  • Turning points in physics.
  • Electronics.
  • Astrophysics.

Students will also find that with AQA A-level Physics data sheet and A-level Physics formula sheet invaluable tools, providing essential information at their fingertips.

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AQA A-level Physics Assessment


Opting for AQA A-level Physics is a choice that aligns with academic excellence and real-world application. The AQA A-level Physics specification is designed to inspire and challenge students, preparing them not just for exams but for future academic and career pursuits in the field of physics. Embrace the journey of A-level Physics with AQA, and step into a world of discovery and opportunity.


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