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Personal Statement Help from Oxbridge Mentors

Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors

Why is Reviewing Your Personal Statement Important?

The deadline for Oxbridge Applications is coming up and you are overwhelmed?! You are not alone! This can indeed be stressful, but do not worry. There are plenty of people who can help you to write a winning personal statement.

The personal statement is an important part of your university application, especially if you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge. Most of the candidates will have the highest grades in both A-levels and GCSEs, so it’s crucial to stand out with your essay.

You can read some do’s and don’ts of writing the personal statement and start writing by yourself. However, it’s always a good idea to make a professional review of it! And who can do it better than someone who already got into Oxbridge with their winning essay?!

Mentors on Edumentors have a hands-on experience with Oxbridge applications. They have also mentored students that got into their top-choice universities with their assistance. Check out Oxbridge mentors that can help you perfect your personal statement and support you throughout the whole process.

Mentors from Cambridge and Oxford on Edumentors

Personal Statement Help - Mentor and Tutee
Personal Statement Help – Mentor and Tutee

1. Esther

Esther is a current student at the University of Cambridge. She’s knowledgeable in English Language, English Literature and Maths. She’s passionate, friendly and student-focused. She will make sure that you both make the best of your achievements and experience. Esther can even help you to write it from scratch! 

2. Dev

Dev is an Economics student at the University of Cambridge. He has accumulated over 100 hours worth of experience mentoring students in Oxbridge applications, economics and maths, helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds strengthen their UCAS applications (both mentees from these programs successfully got an offer from Oxbridge). 

3. Ben

Ben is a third-year Modern and Mediaeval languages student at the University of Cambridge. If you wish to pursue Language studies or Linguistics, he can help you to write the perfect personal statement. Ben knows what academics are looking for and what makes them a great candidate for Oxbridge admissions.  

4. Conall

Conall is a first-class History graduate from the University of Cambridge. He is both a great tutor and a mentor! Many of his students got offers from Cambridge after his guidance and help. If you are interested in studying History, Politics, Philosophy, Religious Studies or English Literature at the university, Conall is one of the best choices for you out there!

5. Paul

Paul graduated with a First from the University of Oxford for his Spanish BA. His undergraduate degree was focused on essay writing, so he has already mastered that! He’s knowledgeable in different languages, Philosophy and Religious Studies. He has ADHD and dyspraxia, so if you want to talk about your learning difficulties in your personal statement, Paul can help you with expressing your struggles with the right words.  

6. Chloe

Chloe is an amazing 2-nd year History and Politics student from the University of Oxford. She’s helped numerous students with writing their personal statements and the rate of them getting into the Russel Group Universities is 100%! Chloe is originally from France and she has also lived in Spain. Hence, if you want to pursue French, Spanish, History or Politics, Chloe is the perfect mentor you are looking for. 

7. Jenny

Jenny has just finished her first year studying History at the University of Oxford. She’s incredible when it comes to personal statement help. Jenny knows how hard the Oxbridge application process can be, so she can provide you with emotional support and encouragement too. 

8. Alice

Alice has just graduated from the University of Cambridge with a First Class BA in Land Economy. She’s well-educated in Economics, Maths and Further Mathematics. She is a passionate and student-oriented edu mentor, who can provide you with great help. If you choose to work with her, Alice will make sure that you get the best version of your essay there could be.

9. Meiyang

Meiyang currently studies at the University of Cambridge. She’s enthusiastic, friendly and a great communicator! Meiyang is bilingual in English and Chinese. She’s also knowledgeable in Politics. Her communication skills make her amazing at organising thoughts and ideas on paper. 

10. Samraj

Samraj is a second-year Classics student at the University of Oxford. He’s a literature enthusiast who is fluent in Greek and Latin. If you want to pursue studying any of those languages or History, Samraj can help you write just the perfect personal statement Oxbridge is looking for!

11. Aurora

Aurora is a doctoral student in Physical Chemistry at the University of Oxford. She’s passionate about Chemistry, Biology and Physics. If you’re going for STEM, Aurora is the perfect choice for reviewing your essay! 

12. Katie

Katie is a final year Classics student at the University of Cambridge. She has a passion for languages and literature. If Katie’s interests sound similar to yours and you want to study at Cambridge, you’re in luck. She’s friendly, patient, enthusiastic and responsible. 

13. Svetlana

Svetlana is an English graduate of the University of Oxford. She has extensive knowledge of the English Language and Literature. She has 3-year experience of in helping students with writing personal statements, so rest assured you’ll be in good hands. 

To Sum Up

If you are unsure about your personal statement, why not get someone experienced to help you out? These mentors already wrote winning essays that got them into Oxbridge. If you want to check out some of them and meet with them, visit Edumentors.co.uk, fill out the form and the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Edumentors also offer free Q&A sessions about the personal statement with Oxbridge mentors regularly, fill out this form to get your name on the attendee list!


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