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GCSE Psychology: How to Score 9

Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors

Why is it Important to Get High Scores on GCSEs?

GCSEs are the first step towards further education, and they’re also an important stepping stone to employment. This is because employers often take GCSE results into account when assessing applications for jobs.

The second reason it’s important to achieve high grades in your GCSEs is that it helps you build up your confidence in academic study. If you do well at the GCSE level, this shows that you can handle more challenging tasks later on in life and will make it easier for you to get good grades at the A Level or university.

Can Someone Help with GCSE Psychology?

Friends and family can hold you accountable or challenge your thinking in a way that’s different from your teachers. But they don’t know everything, so if you need additional explanation, they may not be able to provide it all by themselves. Another way to find help is to find someone who has already gone through GCSEs. This might be the best option because he/she knows exactly what to do in order for you to succeed on the exam paper and help you recognise your weaknesses and strengths.

One of the ways to find someone who is experienced and knowledgeable is to hire a tutor. A dedicated private tutor can teach you strategies used by other students when answering questions from past papers of GCSE psychology exams and guide you accordingly on how best to tackle them during examinations. Here is one of the best GCSE Psychology tutors – Kiara. She was accepted into King’s College London and is studying Psychology as her main profession. She has learnt about how important it is to adapt teaching methods and excels at personalising lessons. Her lessons are always engaging, interesting and she has helped numerous students achieve 9s on their GCSE Psychology.

Why Choose GCSE Psychology?

GCSE Psychology is an interesting and helpful subject to study. It covers many topics that will help you understand yourself and others better—but it’s not usually taught until high school or college.

It is a good qualification for anyone interested in Humanities or Social Sciences. It’s also an excellent starting point for further study of A level Psychology and beyond.

It explains in plain language how social science research is done, what makes good data and studies, and why it’s important to understand those things when you read an article or watch a news report based on another study.

How to Choose the Exam Board?

Teenage Boy Studying GCSE Psychology
Teenage Boy Studying GCSE Psychology

As a student, you have to pick the right exam board for your GCSE. If you get it wrong, it can mean the difference between a 7 and an 8. So how do you make sure you are picking the right one?

GCSE Psychology is offered by AQA, OCR and Pearson Edexcel

DFE (Department for Education) sets out compulsory topics and these exam boards overlap, however, they still have differences.

Here are the compulsory topics in GCSE Psychology:

📌 Development

📌 Memory

📌 Psychological Problems

📌 Social Influence

📌 The Brain and Neuropsychology

And here are the optional topics:

📌 Criminal Psychology

📌 Language, Thought and Communciation

📌 Perception

📌 Sleep and Dreaming

📌 The Self

Now, the difference between those exam boards.

AQA: Students are assessed on Perception, and Language, Thought and Communication

OCR: Students are assessed on Criminal Psychology, and Sleep and Dreaming

Edexcel: Students have the option of choosing any two of the optional topics. The exam will include questions from every topic and students will have to choose two they want to answer.

How to Prepare for GCSE Psychology?

There are many different ways of preparing for your exams, and the most effective method depends on your own study habits and personality. You may be asking yourself “how early should I start revising for my GCSEs? and there is one thing that every student should do: start revising as early as possible! If it’s not something you’re best at doing yourself, get a friend or family member to help keep you accountable by setting a certain number of hours per week that have to be spent on revision.

There are many different techniques for studying effectively, but some ideas may be more suited than others depending on what you need help with in order to understand concepts better. For example, if reading through course materials seems too boring for you then perhaps taking notes by hand is what will work instead; or maybe watching videos about psychology would be more interesting than just reading about it from textbooks? The key here is finding what works best for YOU! Get some ideas from these top revision methods in 2023.

How Can a Private Tutor Help?

The benefits of having a private tutor are many. A tutor can help you with the material, which is especially important if you haven’t been able to find the right resources in school. A tutor can also help you with exam technique and preparation, and this will be very useful if your school doesn’t teach these things or doesn’t explain them well enough for them to sink in.

A private tutor is also an excellent source of feedback on how well you’re doing, especially if your school doesn’t provide much guidance on this front either. This feedback can be particularly valuable because it’s coming from someone who knows what’s expected at GCSE level, so they’ll know when something isn’t going according to plan—and how best to address those issues before it’s too late!

To Sum Up

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into how to get a 9 in GCSE psychology. Psychology is an incredibly interesting subject and one that can help us understand ourselves and others better. Hence, there are many reasons why it is worth studying.

Take your exam board into consideration and prepare accordingly. If your board is Edexcel, we advise you to pick out two optional topics if you don’t have enough time to learn every one of them. The main tip – no matter your exam board, start your revision as early as possible.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and struggling to begin revising or if you’re worried about upcoming mock exams, there are people who can help. Check out the profile of Kiara or visit Edumentors.co.uk and book a free introductory session with GCSE Psychology tutors to see how they can assist you. Edumentors’ tutors have scored the highest grades in their GCSEs and have mastered effective exam techniques and can help you score 9 too. All tutors are from Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick and other top UK universities and can provide career guidance as well!


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