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A-Level Maths belongs to those challenging yet rewarding subjects whose mastering requires a solid understanding of many mathematical concepts. An essential tool in the armory of the student is the A-level Maths formula sheet. Presently, the blog will try to be one comprehensive guide for the A Level Maths formula sheet and hence prove to be of great value for students. In this paper, we will consider the crucial elements of the formula sheet and teach techniques on how to use it effectively, along with tips for remembering by heart the most important formulae.

What Is The The A-Level Maths formula Sheet?

The A-Level Maths formula sheet is a set of mathematical formulae and equations supplied to any student during exams. This sheet provides the Dumping, enabling the candidate to remember essential formulae without memorization so that more time may be spent solving assignment problems.

These sheets ensure that students can focus on problem-solving without needing to memorise every formula. Exam boards like AQA, Edexcel, and OCR supply these sheets, and they cover various topics within the A-Level Maths syllabus.

Key Components of the Formula Sheet

1. Algebra and Functions

Algebra and Functions - A-Level Maths Formula Sheet

2. Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate Geometry - A-Level Maths Formula Sheet

3. Sequences and Series

Sequences and Series - A-Level Maths Formula Sheet

4. Trigonometry

Trigonometry - A-Level Maths Formula Sheet

5. Calculus

A-Level Maths Formula Sheet - A-Level Maths Formula Sheet

Exploring the Frontiers of Applied Mathematics


  • Probability Formulas – Including combinations and permutations.
  • Distributions – Formulas for Binomial and Normal distributions.
  • Statistical Measures – Mean, variance, and standard deviation calculations.


  • Equations of Motion – For uniformly accelerated motion:
Equations of Motion Formula
  • Newton’s Laws – Fundamental principles of motion and force.
  • Forces, Momentum, and Energy – Key formulas relating to these concepts.

Mastering the Use of Your Formula Sheet

  1. Familiarise Yourself Early – Get to know the layout and contents of the formula sheet well before your exams. This will save you valuable time during the test.
  2. Practice with the Sheet – Use the formula sheet while practising past papers and exercises. This will help you become efficient at locating and applying the formulas.
  3. Understand the Formulas – Rather than just knowing where to find a formula, make sure you understand how and when to use it. This deep understanding will aid you in problem-solving.
  4. Highlight Key Formulas – If allowed, mark or highlight essential formulas that you frequently use. This can speed up your work during the exam.
  5. Create a Personal Copy – While studying, it might be helpful to create your own version of the formula sheet. This personalised sheet can include additional notes or steps for using each formula.

Usefull Resourses

  1. Pearson Edexcel A Level GCE in Mathematics Formulae Book
  2. AQA AS and A-Level Mathematics Formulae
  3. AQA AS and A-Level Further Mathematics Formulae
  4. OCR A Level Further Mathematics A Formulae Booklet


The A-Level Maths formula sheet should, therefore, be a strategic tool to benefit performance definitely. Knowing its contents and learning how to apply them will make you confident and competent for the exams. Remember that it is a different thing to memorize the formulas instead of understanding how to use them effectively—the key to success in A-Level Mathematics. If you are also taking A-Level Physics, a private tutor will help guide you one-on-one in mastering both subjects. Effectively using the formula sheet and seeking tailored assistance from an A-level physics tutor shall help you succeed in the subject. Happy studying!


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