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Why is Mental Health Important?

Mental health is a topic that almost no one discusses at school. Mental well-being is especially important during exam season. That’s why it’s important to educate and fill in the gaps traditional school methods tend to miss. That’s why online tutoring services exist. Our goal is to help all our students achieve their very best whilst enjoying their learning experience. Exam revision can be one of the most stressful times in a student’s life and we all are providing many services to help our GCSE students ace their exams. Online teaching methods can deliver quality and affordable lessons covering a variety of GCSE subjects to students all over the country.

Below Covers 7 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health During Exam Season

1. Set Realistic Goals 

To ace your exams and get great GCSE results, it is important to always plan in advance and set realistic goals. Set a time frame. It always helps to analyse what you should complete, helping many GCSE students to reduce their stress levels as well as pressure. Planning in advance helps GCSE students to achieve better grades in their GCSE subjects. Online teaching allows students to easily set and have a good exam revision routine in preparation for their GCSE exams. One of the benefits of online tutoring with Edumentors is its flexibility and affordability for students across the world. 

2. Believe in Yourself 

Facing new challenges from time to time is a great way to strengthen your mental health as well as prepare you for your GCSE exams. It is always good to look back at what you have achieved in the past to help you move onwards for the future. Believing in yourself is one of the great ways to achieve the best GCSE grades you possibly can. Challenges are often difficult and require help from an expert. The next you get stuck on a topic or question has online tutoring in mind!

3. Utilise Study Groups During an Exam Season

Tutoring platforms offer great revision sessions for GCSE students, helping students to ace their exams and achieve top grades in their GCSEs. Learning in study groups during your exam revision helps students to learn more effectively and efficiently. Students can learn how questions can be answered differently. This increases their chances of obtaining better grades. Online teaching with the help of great online tutors is a great way to introduce study groups to GCSE students. Students can work together and help one another share valuable information and knowledge needed to ace their exams. Making flashcards in study groups is another great technique used to maximise your exam revision and help excel in your exams.

4. Exercise Frequently

Exercising is also a great way to improve your mental health during exam revision. Working out increases blood flow to your brain which improves your brain health. It is recommended that students exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day to help promote a healthy body. Exercising daily also helps allows for your body to function at its best performance. This affects your mental health in a positive way. You can also try meditation, since it’s possible to do it everywhere, even in class! A healthy brain promotes sharper memory as well as better concentration and focus. These are all great qualities needed to excel in your exams and obtain great GCSE results. 

5. Get Sufficient Sleep Every Day During Exam Season

Getting enough sleep is very crucial to having good mental health. It is advised that GCSE students have at least 8 hours of sleep every day. This enables them to work at their best potential and ace their exams. Getting sufficient sleep also helps to reduce stress, anxiety and pressure. This affects a student’s attitude and mindset towards their exam revision and GCSE exams. Having sufficient sleep improves a student’s memory, making them retain more knowledge and easily remember content revised earlier for their exams. 

6. Have a Balanced Diet 

Improve Mental Health During an Exam Season - Food That Helps with Mental Health
Food That Helps with Mental Health

Having a healthy and balanced diet promotes a healthy brain which has a positive effect on a student’s mental health. GCSE students can focus better and work at their best if they incorporate a healthy diet, aiding them to ace their exams for their GCSEs. Brain Foods such as salmon, dark chocolate, nuts, blueberries and leafy greens all contain great vitamins and minerals needed to promote a healthy brain and body.

Having a balanced diet allows the body to absorb many essential nutrients needed to promote a healthy brain which helps students cope with stress and anxiety better during exam revision. As a result, students are able to retain more knowledge and therefore do better in their exams, putting them in a good foundation for their future career pathway. 

7. Always Ask for Help, not only During an Exam Season

Asking for help and guidance when you are struggling during your exam revision is one of the most effective ways to obtain good GCSE results in your chosen subject. Using online teaching to find the top tutors near you is a great way to help ace your exams.

Why Edumentors?

Edumentors provide many services to help no matter your GCSE subject and level. We only recruit some of the top online tutors in the UK who are passionate, motivated and always inspiring their students to do their best. Our top-rated tutors are always happy to help and give the best tips to help their GCSE students ace their exams. Our online tutors are passionate and strive to always help their students obtain the best grades they can. Edumentors.co.uk offers many great exam revision sessions to KS5 students helping them to achieve great exam success at the end of their secondary education. 


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