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6 Best Ways to Find a Physics and Maths Tutor

Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors

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Why Children Struggle with Physics and Maths?

There are several reasons why children may struggle with physics and maths, including a lack of study and poor teaching methods. Without a solid foundation in maths, it can be difficult to understand more advanced topics in physics. 🌌 Pressure and lack of confidence can also contribute to difficulties in maths.

Mastering physics and mathematics can be challenging, but with persistence and support, it is possible to excel in these subjects. Some students may find these subjects easier to understand, while others may find them more challenging. However, giving up should not be an option. Consistently completing homework 📚 and seeking help when needed can aid in understanding the material. A tutor can also provide valuable support for children who are struggling. In addition, having a consistent study routine and regular practice will also help students to improve their understanding and skills in physics and maths.

💡 Why are Physics and Maths Important?

Physics and mathematics are important subjects that play a crucial role in understanding the natural world and developing problem-solving, analytical and logical reasoning skills. They form the foundation for many other sciences and are necessary for careers in fields such as engineering, technology, and advanced mathematics. They are also crucial for students planning to pursue higher education in STEM fields.

✏️ Research conducted by Dr Tanya Evans of Stanford University shows that maths is good for the brain 🧠. Students who are good at maths are more likely to recruit certain brain regions than students who perform poorly in maths. “​​The brain regions involved in higher math skills in high-performing children were associated with various cognitive tasks involving visual attention and decision-making.  While correlation may not imply causation, this study indicates that the same brain regions that help you do math are recruited in decision-making and attentional processes.” – Source: Mathnasium.

How Can a Physics and Maths Tutor be Effective?

Online resources such as Coursera, Udemy, and YouTube can be useful for self-study. But, for some students, it may not be enough. Physics and maths tutors can provide additional support, especially for those who have any questions or are slow learners and may not feel comfortable interrupting a lesson. Tutors can help with homework, explain difficult topics, and provide personalised lessons that can be tailored to the student’s needs and pace.

How Can a Tutor Help Students Get Over Difficult Problems – Guilherme from Edumentors

This can help students catch up if they have fallen behind or even get ahead of their classmates 🏃. Tutors can also provide emotional support and help students see their potential and build confidence in their abilities. They can also teach children effective studying and revision methods and help them become independent learners.

💡 Different Types of Physics and Maths Tutors

There are several types of tutoring: in-person tutoring, group tutoring and online tutoring. 

In-person tutoring is known to be the most effective, but after the pandemic, we can surely see that if the tutor is right, anything can be taught online. Group tutoring can be found both online and face-to-face, however, it may not work for some students. Group, whatever small it might be, defeats the purpose of personalised and adjusted lessons. Online tutoring is the best choice if you want convenient, flexible yet effective tutoring. Nevertheless, you can find tips for finding tutors online and in person as well below.

How to Find Physics and Maths Tutor Online

How to Find a Physics and Maths Tutor - Tutoring Session
How to Find a Physics and Maths Tutor – Tutoring Session

1. Online Tutoring Platforms

There are many great online tutoring websites and one of them is Edumentors. Edumentors only scouts the greatest talents and you can’t teach subjects there if you don’t have the highest grades. All of the tutors are required to have a DBS check before hiring, so safe online learning is ensured as well. Tutors from Cambridge, Warwick, Oxford and other top UK universities can help your child in deciding their future career too. When the child sees what they can achieve in future as well, it gives them the motivation to study even harder.

The tutor and the student on Edumentors both are learning, so they can share their struggles too. Young tutors are more enthusiastic, and motivated and can provide your child with emotional support and it’s easier for the child to be comfortable and trust a teacher who is not that older than them. Some students describe tutors as “older brothers” or “older sisters” because they help children with studying in a friendly manner. Learn more on how to get life changing tuition with the help of the internet.

Check out one of the tutee’s experiences:

“Edumentors really have helped me progress, the tutors are super helpful and nice and they have the best resources to help the students.” – says Guilherme.

Top Physics and Maths Tutors on Edumentors

✏️ Adiva from the University of Surrey – Adiva is the best when it comes to communicating with the kids. She is equipped with great skills in nurturing talent in children and customising the entire study process to their specific needs. She often starts with quizzes to understand the base level and constantly helps children raise their own bar.

✏️ Guilherme from the University of Edinburgh – Guilherme knows how to spark passion in students and make them fall in love with the subjects he is teaching. He can help develop self-confidence and allow kids to ace their exams very fast.

✏️ Zac from the University of Warwick – Zac is brilliant in physics and maths and has taught multiple students how to achieve 9s in GCSE exams and straight A*s in their A levels. Here’s a sample video of how he breaks down complex problems into easily-digested pieces for children.

2. Forums and Communities

You can also find tutors in online communities. For example, join Reddit communities like r/tutors and find online tutors there. If there are no new posts about physics and maths tutors, ask about them yourself. You can also find different Facebook groups where parents are joined and read their experiences. However, you’ll need to do a background check on tutors. Parents can require a tutor to have a DBS check or ask other parents if they have ever worked with this tutor.

3. Other Parents’ Recommendations

Parents can always ask their friends or other parents at school for a recommendation for an online tutor. Word-of-mouth can be really helpful since you trust your friends. However, a tutor who worked with their child might not be a good fit for yours. Hence, don’t just choose tutors just because someone you know liked them. The right tutor is the key to your child’s success, so choose as carefully as you can!

How to Find an In-Person Physics and Maths Tutor?

1. Local Tutoring Centres

You might find them by googling “tutoring agencies near me”, or asking other parents to give you recommendations of good tutoring centres. Whatever you choose, make sure to talk to the tutor and ensure that you are on the same page. Some tutors are just helping kids with homework and nothing more. Hence, explain to them your priorities. 

You can also search more specifically – “GCSE tutors in London” and see what the map recommends for you.

2. School’s Recommendations

You can always ask your child’s teacher to give you the number of an experienced tutor. However, teachers normally recommend other teacher-tutors. Their experience might be perfect, but normally teacher-tutors are already overworked since UK schools face a shortage of teachers. Yes, they might know the subject matter, but if they are not enthusiastic and are not constantly trying to engage children, students feel it and might disconnect from the lesson altogether.

3. Social Media

Parents not only can find online tutors on social media but in-person tutors as well. For example, if you are searching for physics and maths tutors in London, you can join groups of London residents or a group where specifically parents from London are joined. Maybe you can find tutors who are advertising their work or maybe other parents give you a recommendation. Talk to them, be active and you will find someone that has an acceptable price for you and a good experience. However, it’s harder to find a tutor when you are limited by your location.

How to Choose the Right Tutor?

It is always recommended to book a free introduction session with tutors prior to making long-term bookings with them. Edumentors.co.uk is one of the platforms that allow it. You should always feel comfortable leaving your child with the tutor, hence it is important to observe how they interact with each other. Read this article to understand how the first meeting of students and tutor should go.

What should you pay attention to:

📌 Teaching methods

It’s important that the tutor’s teaching style matches the child’s learning style. The topics are the same everywhere, it’s about how they are delivered.

📌 Schedule

Are you looking for booking a tutor long-term or for just a few sessions? Discuss these topics with a tutor and make sure you are on the same page about scheduling. Students sometimes have to stop sessions during exam periods, so ask them how they manage consistent students.

📌 Communication skills

First of all, a tutor should communicate with your child too. They should not be talking to you alone. Communication skills are important, if your child does not feel comfortable and can’t trust the tutor, whatever their reasoning might be, the sessions will not be as productive. They should establish a friendly tutor-tutee relationship in the first session.

📌 Study plan

Edumentors Tutor Talking about How She Helps Kids Adapt to the Learning Process

Do they have a curriculum? Ask them if they have a specific study plan and if that plan had to be changed at some point to match a specific child’s needs. It will give you an insight into if the tutor can personalise lessons and even study plans for a child.


Physics and maths are hard subjects, but with a great tutor’s help, nothing is impossible! Even getting the highest mark on the exams. If you find tutors on Edumentors.co.uk you can rest assured that every one of them had provided a DBS check and they have gone through a robust interview and qualification process before getting selected. You can find top tutors from Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick and other big UK universities. Find the one that looks best for your needs and book a free 15-minute introduction session with them.


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